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High quality marketing materials strengthen your company's image. Invest in your brand with professional graphic design and photography services.

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Light Keeper has more than a decade of commercial graphic design and photography experience meeting the needs of distinguished clients in many industries.

From logo design and brand development to proposal books, product packaging and websites, Light Keeper has created a wide range of graphic design products published by mainstream media, on websites and through private ventures. Our photography experience includes capturing professional images of individuals and products, directing photography for major events, as well as documentation of more than 5,000 real estate properties.



Collaboration is essential to maximize efficiency, creativity and quality of work. Light Keeper understands that strong client-vendor collaboration is critical for successful projects. We welcome client involvement and schedule meetings with new clients to learn about your company, products and services.

Cross collaboration between different disciplines is also important and we frequently team with talented print and web designers, marketing professionals, filmmakers, writers and editors.



We recognize the importance of continuing education and stay current with industry trends and new technology developments.


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To learn more about Light Keeper, please visit Our Process or Owner Biography.