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Photography and Design Process



Light Keeper provides commercial photography and professional photo-editing services. Our graphic design services include branding, promotions and renderings for print and web. Find examples of our work in books and magazines, on websites and through other marketing ventures.


Light Keeper specializes in:


Commercial Photography SERVICES

• Exterior and Interior Architectural Photography

• Editorial Photography

• Product Photography

• Nature and Available Land

• Construction Projects

• Infrastructure and Transportation

• Special Events

• Photo Editing

• Stock Image Research and Purchasing

• Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Graphic and Web Design SERVICES

• Logo Design and Identity Development

• Fliers and Posters

• Books and Pamphlets

• Newsletters and Magazines

• Maps and Renderings

• Visual Simulations

• Proposals and Reports

• Slideshows and Presentations

• Digital Marketing

• Websites

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