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Photography and Design Process

OUR Process


Light Keeper is committed to understanding your business and your promotional needs. We can help you to develop branded advertising and multimedia marketing campaigns. Our project process includes three simple steps:


1. Identify Needs

Submit a brief description of your project to Light Keeper or call us to discuss your project. We will ask questions, brainstorm ideas and define the project scope together. Consider how you intend to use images and graphics. How do you envision the final product to look? How will it be used and in what type of media?


Light Keeper provides custom estimates based on your needs. Please consider what sort of budget you plan to invest into the project and other relevant details.


The project schedule varies based on the project scope and deadlines.
Light Keeper often accommodates quick turnaround service demands.

Assignment Estimate and Agreement

Light Keeper creates an Assignment Estimate and Agreement that includes
a detailed project description, estimated fees and expenses, as well as
information about licensing and rights granted.

2. Production

Production includes pre-production and post-production services, spanning
from preliminary research to final deliverables. Collaboration is essential
to maximize efficiency, creativity and quality of work. We welcome client involvement and schedule meetings with new clients to learn about your
company, product and services.


Light Keeper encourages clients to be present during photo shoots. We plan our shooting schedule for location requirements and lighting conditions. Our standard post-production editing processes include image selection, cropping, contrast adjustment, color balance and sharpness. Custom editing techniques may include stitching, HDR and composites.

Graphic Design

Graphic design projects often include two to three design alternatives with up to three revisions. Light Keeper works in a pro-active manner and presents creative solutions for our clients to respond to and provide feedback.

3. Delivery and Support

Light Keeper’s deliverables are typically shared electronically via email or ftp download. For photography, digital proof sheets are submitted along with high resolution jpgs or tiff files. Deliverables for graphic design projects often include high quality and print ready pdf’s as well as low quality versions for email and online distribution. We provide web ready art in a variety of file formats. Please let us know if you have questions about the deliverables and how they can be used.

Light Keeper performs frequent back ups and archives projects at a secure
off-site location. We want to ensure that you are happy with our services and provide reasonable support after assignment completion.

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